SetSail empowers schools and students to help Chinese international students
adapt academically and socially to American colleges

our program

Through the SetSail Class and one-on-one guidance, we teach critical thinking, communication, and culture skills
The SetSail program

International students attend a 16-hour class that helps them better adapt to studying and living in the US. In small groups, students learn to write better research papers, communicate more effectively with peers and professors, and get the most out of their international college experience. They learn the skills that will help them increase both GPA and confidence.

In addition to the SetSail Class, students may purchase 16 hours of one-on-one guidance to further develop the skills they learn in class. These hours will be customized based on the students’ needs and may include activities such as help with college papers, presentation practice, and cultural immersion outings.

  • Critical Thinking

    Plagiarism and citations
    Research papers
    Source and evidence credibility
    Effective theses and arguments


    Public speaking
    Class participation
    Group discussion facilitation
    Communication with US professors
    Interview skills


    Culture 101
    Politics and history
    Social and business etiquette
    Networking/career planning in the US
    Effective cross-cultural communication

OUR instructors

Below are some of our instructors
Lucy Zhang
Harvard College (Economics);
The Wharton School (MBA)
Brendan Ternus
Yale University (American Studies)
Stephany Zoo
Princeton University (Science, Economics)
Michael Stratton
The Wharton School (Finance, Real Estate and Management)
Akansha Kumar
MIT (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Harvard College (Chemical and Physical Biology)


Our student satisfaction is 93%

Snider Award
Wharton Venture Award
Wharton Innovation Fund
Venture Initiation Program
The Wharton Journal
Wharton Entrepreneurship Blog

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